The brand of SEWLINE was born in Japan. The product line is specialized in creative and technology in writing instruments and also innovative idea from other industry.

Our mission is to help the creative people to work with joy and comfortably with our tools. Thank you so much.


La mark “ SEWLINE” est née au Japan. Elle est spécialisée dans la création de stylo et d’encre innovantes.

Notre but est d’aider les créatifs dans leurs travails avec notre produits. Nous espérons que vous apprécierez nos produits, Merci beaucoup.


  1. The two leads are inserted in our mechanical pencil when the product is shipped from the factory.
  2. Before shipping, every single pencil was inspected and checked if the lead can be protruded in normal way.
  3. That means, the lead has already been hugged in the chucking system and it is ready to use.
  4. If two leads are used all, then , you need to put the refill leads.
  5. Please clean the tip area with needle to get rid of any residue of lead.
  6. Please take out the whole unit of rear end with clip, not only the eraser.
  7. You will see the lead chamber (tube) inside. Please put the lead and back to the rear end unit to the barrel.
  8. Please push rear end approx. 10 time to push the lead in advance. (This is necessary for lead to reach to the chucking system and protrude the lead from the tip.
  1. Could you tell me what needle you are using for our needle threader White color (for 4~8 needles)?
  2. Please tell me what happened when you put the needle at the needle eye position down and needle eye in the frost face.
  3. The needle was able to go down without any resistance?
  4. If you feel any resistance, please do not push so hard and reposition the needle to make the eye front. If the lever go through to the end, you are ready.
  5. Please put the thread into the groove. Please push the button.
  6. The thread will go through to the needle eye.

We have Trio ( multi function pencil ) with two color pencil + tracer and Trio colors ( 3 color pencils)

  1. First of all, all lead residues inside of transparent chamber need to be taken out.
     ( you can use your needle to clean inside the tip.)
  2. Secondly, please put one lead to the transparent tube from the top not from the tip.
    Then, move the tip a little bit, then, the lead will fall into the chucking system ( the lead will not play inside of chamber. )  You can see the movie how to refill the lead in our web site.
  3. Then, this is very important to put inside of the mechanism hole firmly. If the tube mechanism put it back loosely, you may have trouble to rotating mechanism when you assemble the front barrel to rear one.
  4. Please do not force to rotate the barrel when you feel some resistance. If you do it, then, the mechanism inside will be broken. ( please be careful.)

Please do not spray on your fabrics and iron it before erasing the marked line.

It makes the line stay.

Please wash the fabric gently. The marked line was very week against the sun light.

It may fade the line with the strong sun light.

But, if you still the line, we recommend you to use the our stain maid.

This product is made by the pure natural orange oil and it make the line off easily.

But, it is totally depend on your fabrics. Some fabrics are not so easy to erase it if you spray it.

Please make the test on your unused fabrics first.